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Based on your business objectives, we develop multiple approaches to reach your customers, clients, community and investors. Our areas of expertise include:

PUBLIC RELATIONS/PUBLICITY Increasing awareness throughout your industry and with your clients and customers is a big element in your overall strategy. Our job is to develop a PR strategy with a clear and strong message.

EVENT MANAGEMENT It has to be unique and it has to WOW! Whether you’re planning to entertain clients, reward employees, launch a new product or service, or exhibit at a trade-show, VCI plans and oversees your event to perfection.

WORKSHOPS From trade-shows to client presentations to media interviews you need to be flawless. VCI turns your executives and employees into effective sales people, top-notch presenters, inspiring public speakers and savvy interviewees.

STRATEGIC MARKETING Effective and strategic marketing is key to your business success. We build awareness and create demand via distinctive marketing programs that sell your products and services.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT Customer perception and loyalty can make or break any business. We develop and refine your brand to enhance your value and presence with your target market. Using qualitative research methods, design tools and effective marketing strategies, VCI favorably positions your company and products in the challenging global marketplace.

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